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GEEWIZ "Opportunities" (2 CD Audio Set)

Expand your mind and add to your skills with my "Opportunities" 2 CD Audio Set packed full of ideas to improve your sales or marketing skills. Hear the voice of Richard Gee, friendly and fun, motivating you to greater success in your sales or marketing. I'd like this to be within everyone's reach.

Audio CDs are a must for your travelling - either for in the car or download to your IPod and prepare yourself to work your customers into decisions.

Affordable value ...

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A Guide to Marketing & the Law

Written by Richard P Gee

There are 25 laws that affect marketing and sales in New Zealand - get them wrong and you are paying $$$$ and have upset customers,. This book sets out in practical terms what to understand about the laws and how to use the understanding to best effect....

It is not for lawyers. It is for sales and marketing managers and business owners wanting to be informed of everything from Fair Trading Act to the Flags and Emblems Act. Easy to read and will save you $$$

incl GST

Creating a Strategic Marketing Plan

Written by Richard P Gee.

Book (100 pages)

A step-by-step question and answer guide to creating your strategic markeitng plan to ensure your business is marketing focussed and that eery area of the plan has been reviewed and strategies set, ideas, examples, checklists.  Ideal for business partners and banks to review.

You will learn, what the plan is used for and how to do a plan step by step, how to set objectives that relate to performance, identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats and what to do about them, create advertising strategies that work, and organise your sales efforts.

incl GST

How to do a Market Audit Successfully

Written by Richard P Gee.

Book (100 pages)

A step-by-step question and answer guide to completing a market audit for your business to examine your marketing strengthsand weakness's and brand performance.

You will learn how to review your organisations communication effectiveness both internally and externally, and how to get buy in from other management and what future paths you should take. You will learn what your customers think about your marketing and what your staff understand

incl GST

New Zealand Sales Management - A Practical Approach

Written by Richard P Gee.

"New Zealanders are recognised internationally as some of the best sales people around, but many struggle to make their own way," says sales trainer and consultant Richard Gee. "Too often we allow overseas head offices and gurus to swamp our innate sales talent. It's time for New Zealand sales people to stand tall and use their natural charm and mental flexibility to their advantage."

It's a topic very close to the heart of Richard Gee, a marketing consultant, trainer and New Zealand's first interactive author. Richard Gee has worked with over 400 New Zealand businesses helping them to develop effective strategies and sell successfully, and has presented seminars to over 100,000 participants.

Richard Gee's new book 'New Zealand Sales Management - A Practical Approach' draws on this experience to create a positive, practical sales weapon. Refreshingly New Zealad focussed. The book provides real life examples of sales activities directly relevant to the New Zealand busienss and sales manager. This is the first book on sales management for New Zealand business."

Readers are taken through the elements of hands-on sales management with learning objectives and checklists for each chapter. The book identifies networks, suppliers and trainers in New Zealand, along with handy websites for further information. Solutions are suggested for common sales problems. Topics covered include:

  • Setting budgets, targets, goals and remuneration
  • Selling
  • Selecting sales people with potential
  • Training
  • Planning sales calls
  • Overcoming problems
  • Selling solutions
  • Developing major accounts and corporates
  • Tendering and quoting
  • Planning territories and call cycles
  • Conducting effective meetings
  • Developing customer service
  • Making the most of technology and e-commerce
  • Remuneration

NZ$90 incl GST

Practical Marketing in New Zealand

Written by Richard P Gee.

A hard-cover practical text that will provide answers for everyting you need to know to be a great marketer in New Zealand or small to medium based economies.

  • 800 pages of ideas, strategies and concepts that work based on my experience of over 30 years;
  • 16 chapters on all the activities associated with marketing, research, planning, promotion, branding, sales, legal issues, marketing success case examples, marketing principles, service marketing, customer service, exporting, special relationships
  • Checklists in each chapter for measuring your own business
  • New Zealand examples of good marketing
  • Hard cover with layout style for easy copying of pages for use and practical applications by showing others ...
  • Practical ideas that work in the current market conditions.
  • An "Interactive Author" ... when reading the book if your want to discuss a point or relate it to your business, just e-mail the author for feedback and discussion FREE!

and much more ...

See the TV commercial ...




incl GST

Handling the Difficult Bits

Written by Richard P Gee.

A4 Manual (60 pages) with 2 CD Audio set.

This Manual covers everything you need to know about complaints, objections, difficult customers, selling solutions and selling by objectives PLUS time management ideas and practical actions you can take to make a difference.

2 CD Audio set has 3 1/2 hours of selling tips.

incl GST

Marketing Audits

Written by Richard P Gee.

A4 Manual (100 pages) with "How to do a Markt Audit Successfully" (80 pages) PLUS free e-mail support!

The ideal review documents for existing companies needing to check their success by examining the marketing from their customers and internal and external perspectives. Are you delivering what the customer expects and does every customer contact point say the same message? Your brand gets a good look over too and you can work your business through the Manual and read the book for a better understanding.


incl GST


Sales Planner

Written by Richard P Gee.

A4 Manual (60 pages) PLUS free e-mail support!

A Manual full of everything you need to know about how to plan your sales trips, examples of sales plans, step-by-step approach, how to sell services and listening techniques and much more! An evaluation review to help you identify what to improve.

2 CD Audio set has 3 1/2 hours of selling tips.


incl GST

Sales Planner with Self Evaluation

Written by Richard P Gee.

A4 Manual (40 pages) with 2 CD Audio set PLUS free e-mail support!

This Manual covers the best methods for sales planning using AIDA and SPEND and the 25 questions approach and practical steps-by-step planning ideas PLUS how to evaluate yourself and your sales techniques using a checklist approach to identify what you need to work on.

2 CD Audio set has 3 1/2 hours of selling tips.

incl GST

Strategic Planning Business & Marketing

Written by Richard P Gee.

A4 Manual (100 pages) with "Creating a Strategic Marketing Plan" Book (80 pages) PLUS free e-mail support!

A step-by-step guide which covers everything you need to know to plan your business, for growth or new start up, from a business perspective and marketing success. This Manual helps you implement strategies and the Book helps your understanding.

incl GST

Successful Strategies for Sales & Marketing

Written by Richard P Gee.

A4 Manual (320 pages) PLUS free e-mail support.

A manual full of practical tips on sales, marketing, promotions, self-development, media choices, motivation, attitude development, training, overcoming problemsand more. All about business and sales and marketing focussed. All based on magazine articles written for websites and business magazines over the last 3 years. Designed for a quick topic read or motivational stimulant when you are travelling or need to review actoins.


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The Australian Sales Script Book

Written by Wayne Mansfield of Business Seminars Australia. 

About the Australian Sales Script Book

A fantastic new selling tool ... and it has hit the market like a rocket. Sales Script Books have been responsible for documented increases in sales totalling millions of dollars. Now updated with many new entries.

What is a Sales Script Book?

It is a collection of the most powerful and useful phrases (scripts) a sales professional can use to counter any objection and close the sale.  A custom tailored Sales Script Book can cost a company upwards of $2,000 ... and more.

It is no coincidence that sales superstars, some of who earn in excess of $1 million a year, all use Script Books.  The Australian Sales Script Book makes the job of selling easier and less stressful. While your competitors are racking their brains to think up an on-the-spot response to an objection or stall, you can simply glance down the page in the appropriate Australian Sales Script Book section and find the right response to a sure close.

The Australian Sales Script Book contains hundreds of tested sales Scripts.  You can now benefit from many years worth of research and purchase your own, generic Australian Sales Script Book.  You know about the high cost of customised Sales Script Books.  They run between $15,000 to $35,000.  Now you can get our generic Australian Sales Script Book at the special introductory price of NZ$179.

It contains 29 of the most frequent customer objections in any industry and the best possible responses.  If your prospect says "I want to think it over", you simply open tab #21 and you'll find 18 tested responses.  If the prospect says "your price is too high", you simply flip tab #4 and you'll find 28 tested selling sentences to handle price objections.

This powerful new tool will add thousands of dollars to your sales!  It keeps you one step ahead in your profession.  With 420 of the most awesome lines in the business at your fingertips, you and your team can be at the top too!.

The Australian Sales Script Book contains 28 different scripts for "Your price is too high...", 18 for "I have to think it over...", 21 for "I am too busy to talk with you...", plus much, much more!

At only NZ$179 The Australian Sales Script Book could be the most significant purchase you make to increase your sales.

Recommended by Richard P Gee:

"In my travels to Australia I have met many successful sales people and one sales tool continues to be mentioned. The Sales Script Book by Wayne Mansfield of Busienss Seminars Australia.

I recommend the Sales Script Book ... and I have arrangedwith Wayne for a special offer for my clients which includes delivery by express courier to New Zealand."


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