Business Development

If your business needs development to achieve your goals, then let us talk.

If your business needs change, a new direction or is releasing new products and services, or perhaps preparation for selling or merging, then let us talk.

Today, business is about making decisions, and that is where I can assist to help you make the best decisions to grow your business and these can cover most areas. Based on my experience in running my own businesses and consulting to over 2,000 clients, that knowledge is yours to use to develop answers to the most complex issues facing your business today.

I also work with an experienced and wide-ranging group of other talented SMETRIC consultants on that can bring specialist skills when needed.

My speciality is sales, marketing and leadership, but in the world of practical development I help with much more and motivate my clients when they have tough times. See my testimonials for comment and feedback.

My contacts internationally also help with export development and my own exporting experience around the world (now 34 countries) is a good basis to start making the right decisions.

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