Sales Strategy

Looking for sales strategies for your business that will make a real improvement to the bottom line?

Richard is an interactive author of "New Zealand Sales Management", "Sales is a great career", "Sales Planning Wins" and created a 2 CD audio set of tips to build your sales and marketing skills and is the author for and training website.

Richard has 35 years of unparalleled experience in implementing sales strategies to thousands of businesses all over the world. Richard knows the tried-and-true sales strategies that are more relevant than ever in today's fast-paced sales environment - while keeping firmly in touch with the way sales are evolving in an increasingly digital marketplace.

Reviewing sales systems, people and structures, developing efficient & motivated sales staff.

Richard teaches sales via practical learning and proven programs. Over 79,000 participants have completed “Sales Basics”, which teaches a strategy-based approach to selling. All businesses can benefit from approaching sales from a strategic result - and Richard will change the way you have always thought about sales.

Business problems with sales?

Then Richard can provide a review of your existing systems, people and processes and establish with you the best strategies to fix them. All sales problems start with "what do you measure?". If you measure budgets without measuring face-to-face actions - you will fail. If you measure the face-to-face time - you will win!


You can train sales people with the right attitude. You can add skills, but it is hard to change personality. Training should "Challenge for Change" and be practical with good strategies to implement in today's market.

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Customer Service

This is where your customer experience begins and the future of your sales team is based. Use technology to enhnace your people interactions with clients.

If Marketing identifies the segment of customers, Advertising the methods of communication, then Sales gets the decisions to buy!

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