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Richard presents ... a 2 CD audio set: "Opportunities":-

Expand your mind and add to your skills with my 2 CD audio set "Opportunities" packed full of ideas to improve your sales or marketing skills. Hear the voice of Richard - friendly and fun, motivating you to greater success in sales and marketing.

Contents of Disc 1:

  • Listening skills - How to listen using 6 steps that will increase your sales results from today, and help your close more sales.

  • Sales planning using the AIDA formula.

  • How to gain attention to get in to see the buyer or obtain an appointment - easy ideas that work.

  • Interest building questions and tips that grab the buyers interest to proceed further.

  • Desire building ideas - How to talk up the benefits and create the need to decide to buy.

  • Action - Several proven closing techniques to help the buyer make that informed buying decision.

  • The SPEND formula to planning the sale - ideal for service selling applications.

  • Situation - How to understand where the customer is at now.

  • Problems - A problem clearly understood is solved if you ask the right questions to determine the real problem to be overcome.

  • Effect of no action - The summary of discussions so far that helps the buyer concentrate on your solutions.

  • Needs that you can overcome and supply with your skills and services.

  • Decision - Helping the customer make the decision to proceed.

  • After the sale - How to leave a great impression so that you will be welcomed back on your next call.

  • Overcoming objections - Understand what an objection really is and how to turn it into a selling point and easily close your sale.

Contents of Disc 2:

  • How to win tenders, quotes and major accounts. Tips and formulas that work for winning those big sales. Structures and winning concepts.

  • Closing the sale tips - 6 strategies that will close every sale and get a positive result for you.

  • Marketing - What is the principles of Marketing. Straight forward explanations of market research use. Planning strategies to use for more profit, Presentation of your image and brand. Promotion. Choosing the right media mix. Selling skills needed. Profit strategies that can work. Understanding what marketing can do for your business.

  • Interviewing techniques for Sales Managers or Company Managers. Helping you understand the structures of interviewing to manage your greatest resource - people! Covers selection interviews, inductions, appraisals, counselling, discipline, termination and redundancy. Showing you form structures to control and run these interviews.

All the subject areas of the 2 CD set can be listened to as required, while driving or working at your computer and you can get interactive with the speaker, just phone 0800 GEEWIZ or e-mail me at with your questions or feedback.

You invest just NZD$35.00 (including GST), AUD$30, USD$25 for this 2 CD set which comes complete with the formulas and summary structures printed on the cover for easy reference.

Yes you can pay for it by credit card (Visa, MasterCard) or Bartercard. Your credit card will not be processed for a minimum of 7 days after you have received the 2 CD set, and my personal guarantee of success applies. If you cannot find a stimulating idea in this 2 CD set just return it to me in good condition for immediate refund.

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