What is a Business Mentor?

My view of being a Business Mentor is to work with you to help make the best decisions!

I challenge your thinking. I create ideas and strategies with you and then help you make the decision to progress. I don’t make the decision for you but will guide you and make sure you make the best decision in the circumstances based on my experience.

I can work with you one-on-one, or with your management or board team, for as long as time is needed to complete the development of you and your skills.

Generally it works like this: after discussion with you we meet two weekly and spend 90 minutes reviewing, planning, discussing and listening. You then take action and I am available at any time to talk, by e-mail or to meet with you to work on the results.

Yes, we focus on your business but we also motivate you in your personal lifestyle as well.

Your investment is hourly, monthly or project based to suit.

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