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Bending the Gender Balance in Your Marketing

Written by Richard P Gee.

We hear a lot of statistics being promoted currently, talking about how the age of the population is changing segmentation.  The balance between males and females has now changed, the search for suitable mating partners with males and females has now got harder, and that we could also add into there the tremendous difference in self worth that is supposedly happening betwen males and females.  Perhaps even getting down to the question, is hte domiantion between the genders changing?

Benefits of Bartercard

Written by Richard P Gee.

All the marketing assistance you will ever need - all available on Bartercard!

Boom or Bust

Written by Richard P Gee.

Remember 1987 to 1992 when we had the share market crash and it was really difficult to keep your company going, cash flows were tight, debtors were slow, interest rates were high? But management and the rest of the team learnt an awful lot about where the excess costs were in most businesses. Since 1993 we haven’t had a bad year in New Zealand - each year has been slightly better - and we have a whole group of managers who have never experienced a bad year.

Choosing your Training Provider

Written by Richard P Gee.

Having to decide which training courses for "who" from the daly mailing of hundreds of training suppliers to provide "in-compay training" for your staff development can be daunting to any manager.  Today the choice is larger than before with many overseas franchise trainers competing with local experienced New Zealand training organisations.

Creating Powerful PowerPoint Presentations Simply

Written by Richard P Gee.

When was the last time you went ot a conference and were bored to death by the 7th or 8th poor PowerPoint presentation in a row?  How good are you at creating visual enhancement to your internal and external company communications?  PowerPoint is a wonderful tool to use when you apply a few simple commonsense concepts.

Encouraging your Reps to add value

Written by Richard P Gee.

The greatest way to build sales is to get existing sales reps who are calling on existing customers to add value and help customers make more informed decisions from their extensive product and service knowledge. A simple strategy to implement with your sales force is called ‘One Idea Per Day, Per Customer’.

Excite, Entise, Enthuse

Written by Richard P Gee.

Retailing is fun, and it is even more fun when your retailing strategies are successfully profit-driven to give results for you as the owner.  Retailing in New Zealand can be a challenge because there are often obstacles to be overcome such as location, ease of access for parking, ability of staff, and cash-flow problems associated with running a business whose main asset is the stock on their shelves and how quickly it turns over through the hands of customers.

Marketing and Your Price

Written by Richard P Gee.

One of the most important, most difficult strategies, in marketing is determining a fair price for your goods and services that represents value but is attractive enought to create volume.  Price is an emotive issue.  Price is understanding by the customer of hte benefits of the product or service that create value and the pricing of that product.

Marketing Research

Written by Richard P Gee.

The most iportant principle in understanding marketing is tha to being able ot undertake market research to correctly target hte right customers with the right product or service offering at the right price, making the right amount of profit.

Marketing Your People

Written by Richard P Gee.

If we accept that people do business with people, then the single greatest resource of any business is the personality of the people, the culture of the people, and how your people react to customers  The marketing of your people becomes a very important concept, and can be accomplished in a number of different ways.  Use of photographs of people on websites, business cards, newsletters and reception photo areas helps to suggest that your organisation is really about a group of people who are highly skilled and achieving tasks, rather than systems, forms, methods and policies.

Marketing Your Training Business

Written by Richard P Gee.

For many professional trainers the amount of time spent on marketing for future growth of their personal skills, their training programmes and their training businesses is left to be done in time squeezed between seminar presentations, or in rushed deadline hassle advertising copy, and in total flouting of the rul "working on your business" instead of "working in your business".

Consider, if you will, some of these tools which can assist you in the marketing of your training business.

The first area you need to consider is making sure that participants who have sen you present, listened to your trianing and learnt from the skills are fully equiped to be able to make recommendations to their management , to their business associates and for their own businesses.

Overcoming Call Reluctance

Written by Richard P Gee.

A common problem for sales managers is to encourage sales reps to get out and spend more time face-to-face, and also to encourage new sales reps to get out to meet customers, particularly if they’ve had a few bad experiences. This is commonly called ‘Overcoming Call Reluctance’

Practical Marketing Skills Needed in NZ

Written by Richard P Gee.

Recognise first that marketing is about looking into the future to understand your customers' needs and wants and then delivering those needs and wants to that same customer so that they can easily find them an dplace purchasing orders.  The difference with sales is that sales is face-to-face communication to negotiate a transaction.

Promise of Performance

Written by Richard P Gee.

Many organisations look for differences tohelp segment their position, or differentiate themselves from other suppliers in the same marketplace.  A very simple easily recognised definition of difference is that of offering some osort of guarantee or performance of service strategy to your customers.

Remuneration of your Sales Force and Customer Service Team Members

Written by Richard P Gee.

How do you decide what remuneration packages to adopt?  How do you ensure that your remuneration packages incentivise and motivate the right people?  How do you make sure that the amount of pay helps your staff with their lifestyle requirements?

Sales Coach or menacing Sales Manager

Written by Richard P Gee.

How many times have you worked for a sales manager who is in charge of either the sales team or the customer service team, who tries to manage by fear, threats, targets, budgets, and perhaps even a little bit of shouting, and maybe even the odd bit of personal abuse? And their sales meetings are just rants and raves, with no motivational stimulation whatsoever

Written by Richard P Gee.

In sales and marketing you must first be involved in selling the concept of a trading agreement which is in essence a written set of rults which each party will behaive accordingly to the paretners and you rown organisation.   Then, once having got the agreement, you need to market the benefits ona continual basis to the clients, customers and their sales staff during the period of the agreement.

Sellng to Major Accounts

Written by Richard P Gee.

While the New Zealand business structure consists of mainly small to medium business, ther is an important segment out there that can be called "major accounts" and major coroporates.  The art of selling to them requires a different set of thinking if you are going to be successful.

Strategies in an Economic Downturn

Written by Richard P Gee.

The Business Commentators, the Economist, and the News Media are all suggesting that the New Zealand economy has either stalled, slowed down, got itself into problems or starting to believe the stories communicated within the media that there is going to be tightening business conditions.

The interesting thing is that if you examine the New Zealand economy since the Share Market crash in 1987 and particularly cosider 1992 as the time that it came out therehas not been a bad year since 1992 in New Zealand.  There have been some tightenings of the economy but they don't become long-term disasters and they are all overcome by the application of people in business in particularly the sales and marketing end of the business focusing on customer relationships and customer development.

Telling Stories for Better Communication

Written by Richard P Gee.

How do we ensure our communication is understood?  How do we get communication to be relevant, interesting and exciting to the other participant?  In communication, we understand that ther are two key elements - one is the information you want to impoart and the second is the method that you choose to use.

The 3-Hit

Written by Richard P Gee.

As I was going through my in-boxes the other day, both in my e-mails and in written communication, I noticed how poorly some practitioners of direct marketing are using the challenge to remind the database that they are communicating to successfully, by using the 3-Hit approach. What is the 3-Hit approach?.

The Customer is King!

Written by Richard P Gee.

Is this a tired phrase or is it a new relationship strategy that needs to be created amonghst your sales and customer service team to get them to focus on common sense communication techniques to use with yoru clients and customers?

The Power of a Business Card

Written by Richard P Gee.

Your business card is more than just a tool to introduce you. It can be turned into a valuable communication when you consider some basic principles. Colour or black and white ? colour cards stand out much faster in a card index because our whole visual appearance and perception is looking at colour through our eyes.

The Power of a ‘Thank You’

Written by Richard P Gee.

A very successful marketing and sales strategy, often overlooked, is the very simple ‘Thank You’ that can be added after a face-to-face visit with a prospect or customer, to the bottom of an e-mailto the end  f a letter,to a text message or to a proposal.  The Thank You is for the time - it's not for the money, and it is simply a very clear message that says you appreciated your customer, you considered their time was valuable and you really would like to see them again.

Tips for Sales Managers

Written by Richard P Gee.

How do you motivate your sales team to consistently perform above budget, meeting your goals, and not requring a lot of handholding to help them implement succesful sales strategies.

What's holding up the Internet?

Written by Richard P Gee.

The internet, e-commerce, web marketing, and this incredible new media called the web and e-commerce was created in 1996. Now, as we approach nearly 10 years down the track, should we be questioning why this wonderful media is still not the most dominant, widespread use for commercial transactions.


How do people listen to your communication?

An article by Lance Beste.

Communication is the key to success of everything in your life. Communication is the key to understanding your failures and turning them into successes. Communication is the fuel that every organisation’s success depends on every second of the day.

So would it be useful to know ‘How you communicate’ and ‘How others receive your communication’? Because when you know this you can adapt your communication style and increase the possibility of more successful outcomes from your interactions with a wider range of people. And that leads to healthier relationships.

This applies equally to individuals and organisations because each have unique styles of communication and how people listen to either has a bearing on the success of both

How to choose a New Zealand business database

A Report on New Zealand Database Suppliers.

Lessons Learned from Noah's Ark

10 short and meaningful lessons contributed by Noah ...

PowerPoInt Presentation 11 Ways ...

A beautiful presentation!  It has a great motivational message and is available here as a download FREE!

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