Richard has worked with thousands of corporate clients over more than two decades. See what they had to say:


Hello Richard,

It’s me Solomone Tautua’a from Tonga. I’ve attending your seminars and I really enjoy it a lot. I wasn’t here when you came in the shop to meet you and to take you around. I’ve just finish teaching and explain, sharing what I’ve learn from our seminar. Since we finish our seminar I got half an hour every Wednesday to train and to share what I’ve learn from seminar to my co-worker and to my Manager. Things change the way I meet customer and how to handle complain and customer. I still back and forth read my booklet from seminar. I now enjoy and love my job(DECISION MAKER)




Thank you Richard.   The impression and the enthusiasm you generated was overwhelming.   It has sparked a rewrite today of our plans strategic aims.


Chris Betty, Tuakau College


Thanks Richard.  All these photos are great. You also did a great job during this two weeks;   customers are asking for more.   Looking forward to seeing when you come back.   



Richard, it is you that needs the thanking.  Heather and I really appreciated you taking the time to come down to be on the show today and I am so grateful for your help after the interview.  I have already been in and changed some of my words on the website.   Thank you so much for your inspiration and time.

Faye Taylor

See attached Press Release from Tonga Business Enterprise Centre.


Dear Richard,

I would like to say thank you on behalf of our group of companies. I have sum up your comments and will 100% push it forward. I am open to new ideas and these realistic or constructive feedback is very important to all our businesses.

Thank you so much for taking time to visit our stores plus doing that extra time with our sales people

Best Regards,

'Inoke from Tonga.


Ryan Saville has endorsed your work as director at Geewiz Ltd.
Dear Richard,
I've written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users.
Details of the Recommendation: “I have yet to meet a person in business that can get so much done within a day! I have joked with Richard that he must have a twin. Richard is an amazing man - a person with a bucket load of energy with a toolbox of solutions to solve your everyday business challenges. This is a man that will turn up to mentor your company and will soon remove his jacket, grab the hammer and make sure you achieve your business goals! Richard is a remarkable individual that will help pump the heart your business.
“Highly Recommended”
Service Category: Business Consultant
Year first hired: 2010 (hired more than once)
Top Qualities: Expert, On Time, Creative

Dear Richard:
Thank you. You have a hero spirit. Your devotion to your work and friends is your winning ticket! I am glad you are my friend!
Hi Richard
Enjoyed reading your info ? have fun
Catherine Scott CA - Associate
“Knowledge is not power, giving knowledge is power”

Morning Richard
I am just emailing you to let you know that I have just arrived back from Wellington after visiting some of my customers and put into practice some of the things that you talked about on my course (19-6-12). A couple of things I found hard to do was the way I was standing and asking open ended questions. When I put a pen in my hand it helped out a lot so I made sure to always have one with me. Thanks for all the good advice that you gave me on the course.

Hi Richard,
Thanks for sending the letter reminding me the personal challenges. I am happy to tell you at least one of the techniques I have used successfully from my list. That is “Using Silence Technique”. And you know the results are positive and I am quite happy. I am trying to use other techniques as well. Thanks for your help. I am still struggling to find networking techniques in B2B environment. I have found some groups but they are mostly for small businesses. Can you help me in this regard?
Kind Regards,
Alok Mishra, Principal Consultant, Expense Reduction Analysts

Hi, Richard
Thank you very much, likewise it was great to have you with us and I believe your contribution was both well received and appropriate, I just hope the franchisees action some of the many tools that you showed them to improve their sales performance.
Kind regards

National Speakers Association: Wellington commented on their Wall post.
National Speakers Association: Wellington wrote: “Thanks Richard. By the way, did you know that the photograph of you with our past President Eva Maria is our most popular feature so far? GeeWiz!!!”

On behalf of the Auckland branch of the Evacuees' Reunion Association, NZ Branch, I have been asked to convey to you our very hearty thanks for all the help you gave us at the recent Reunion. The Treasurer was especially grateful for the way you stayed to see us safely off the Church premises, despite the lateness of the hour on Saturday, knowing how far you still had to travel that night. Your actions were far above the calls of family duty.
Aline Gee

Hi Richard
Thank you soo much for the certificate from Rotary. It was so nice of you to organise that. Your support of myself and the cafe have been much appreciated. With your leadership and energy I'm sure Rotary and business interests in Tuakau are in good hands. I'll be watching out for news from Tuakau and wish you all well. I'm now looking forward to the next chapter to my life. Thanks again
Kindest Regards

Hey Richard
Thanks for the pic's. Also thanks for everything last week. Feedback has been very positive; hopefully they will all adopt one or two things from your seminar. Actually with luck some of them will follow through on our offer and utilise your skills. We will do a follow up communication this week and remind everyone of the offer. Thanks again
Rod McAneaney, General Manager

Dear Richard:
Thank you for your great support and encouragement in my journey. I look at you not only a business coach and you are good friend too. I have a vision for the direction I take. I trust my own judgement. To work less at clinic physically and work more intellectually. and spiritually. Give myself more freedom. To work at patients less physical level and more in touch with emotion and spirit level I can see more effective. I love what I do even more than ever before. I grown to the person I like to be and have create the life style I like to enjoy. Thank you for everything.

May I compliment you on this excellent article. Thank you,
Don Tee, Artrite Screenprinting Ltd

Hi Richard
Thank you your influence and guidance has helped contribute to Allco’s success this year.
Alex Valentine, Managing Director, Allco Agencies

Dear Richard
Sheer Brilliance.
George Manolis,Synergy for Success International

And thank you. Always appreciate your take on things. Get's everyone's juices flowing! Agree that we have a stronger focus and direction now.
Steve King, Executive Producer, Screentime Communications

Ane Ponifasio posted on your Wall
“We appreciate your wisdom Richard, thanks for helping SMG at this season.”

Enjoyed your selling tips this month. Starting my list. Welcome to Franklin.
Sean Stephens

Hi Richard
Great newsletter mate, hope all is well. Current situation should be good for your Indian network

I feel it opportune to express my thanks for your assistance to Fisher & Paykel over the last 8 years. Your assistance in our popular training schools was always very receptive and understandable by the participants.
DWS, Fisher & Paykel Appliances

Thank you for the photos and thanks for your contribution. Feedback after a few drinks was everyone enjoyed your presentation. It complemented everything I had talked about earlier in the conference. We will no doubt be in contact again in the future.
Ian Sutherland, HCD

As a result of Richard’s astute coaching, our marketing strategies have developed improved communications with our customers and clients. Richard also helped us expose and recognise particular strengths and weaknesses within our company structure. His constructive suggestions showed us how to capitalise on our strengths.
Betsy Duncan, Actionmail

We’re a young company in terms of personalities, and Richard was able to work comfortably with all levels of the company, we respect the input that has been made and no doubt as an organisation we are better for his contribution. His hands-on consultancy understands the real world, no ‘ivory tower’ stuff with Richard.
Gavid Hodder, CEO, Saito Group

From time to time you provided practical marketing consultancy to many of my small to medium clients. An important element in our working relationship is your ability to work with both the accountant and the client to support the development of their business.
Tim Livingstone, Butts Bainbridge & Weir

Your contribution to the change in the marketing area is appreciated by everybody at Corbans Vines, and your plan will be used as a guide for our future development.
Dennis Lunken, JA Corban & Family Nurseries, Corbans Viticulture Limited

Richard constructively argues our plans through with us and suggests way we can view issues from both sides, that’s the role of a good consultant, and we’re delighted to be involved with him on a continuing basis.
John Davies, Trainingpoint.net

I really appreciated your down to earth manner and professional expertise. Thanks for the excellent advice, support, and encouragement.
Lynleigh Holmes, Nightingale Press 

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